Jennifer Carr
Organizing Expert
Jennifer Carr, a native Dallasite, UT graduate, and retired elementary school teacher turned home-ec guru admits being at home makes her the happiest. She loves cooking, working in the yard and surprise, organizing and rearranging. She claims a home is not complete without vinegar and bleach – “these two things are inexpensive and can clean almost anything.” Her other trick of the trade are labels – she labels just about everything. Jen might even label the dishwasher if it would help show her teenage sons where the dishes should go. And that would be a great accomplishment, much like the same sense of accomplishment she feels when her clients appear less frazzled after some time with JenRosie Designs.
Katie Whiteman
Organizing Expert
Katie, also a Dallas native, uses her organizational skills (and Type A personality) to keep her family’s train running on schedule. She appreciates and strives for organization of living space, time, projects and papers. This SMU art history major, who also has a masters in social work, says drawer dividers, containers and bins of all sizes are essential for organization. Everything needs to have a home. This saves time in looking for things and money in replacing them. Katie feels she combines the aesthetics of art history with a social worker’s desire to help and finds great satisfaction in bringing peace and efficiency to the world of her clients.