Gourmet Gold Award 2013

Albuquerque Magazine May 2013

Holiday Aprons
“Show ‘Em What You Got with a Hot Mama Apron”

jenrosie designs dallas
“Hot Mama Aprons Favorite at MetroCooking”

summer aprons
“Hot Mama Aprons Are Summer Entertaining Essentials”

hot mama aprons
“Backyard Party Essentials – Hot Mama Aprons”

unique aprons
“Smart And Chic Hot Mama Aprons”

ladies aprons
“Greet Your Guests in a Sassy Hot Mama Apron”

aprons for women
“Mommy Diaries: A Day in the Life of Jennifer Carr”

kids aprons
“For Chefs of All Ages”

aprons for kids
“She’s All That”

modern aprons
“Hot Mama in a Hot Mama Apron”

chic womens aprons
“Mom’s aprons useful and chic”

half aprons
“Hot Mama Aprons! Love It!”

hip aprons
“Hot Mama Aprons Combine Fashion and Function”